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Request Samples

Innovative food manufacturers and providers around the world trust us to consistently deliver exceptional ingredient and service performance. We provide bench quality samples as well as technical and innovation support to assist in product formulation. Please submit your request using the form below.

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Samples ship within 3 business days of order receipt. Domestic orders ship via UPS Ground. International orders ship via UPS Worldwide Expedited

Select Products & Quantities

Please note:

  • Dried Fruit Ingredient Samples are 6 oz. each
  • Soft-N-Frozen? Samples are 1 pint (.473 liters) each
  • Juice Concentrate samples are 8 oz. each and are shipped separately from Dried Fruit and Soft-N-Frozen? Ingredient samples
  • Sample requests over 5 lbs. may be subject to a fee. Graceland Fruit will contact you if necessary.

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